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Bounce Back has been providing the equine industry and horse lovers with safe, long lasting and cost-effective fencing for 35 years already. 

All our rail comes packaged in rolls, for ease of handling and installation. All edges and surfaces are smooth to touch and wires are covered for safety. Installation is easy. DIY like a wire fence or engage your local contractor. Choose from black or white to suit your style.

Better still, Bounce Back won’t splinter, split or rot, will never need painting and is made from recycled plastics. We guarantee Bounce Back for 10 years. 

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Let’s start with your rail. 


Select below from black or white. Choose 100m or 125m rolls. Purchase individually or select a 10 roll pack (1000m) for a discount.

Arena Fencing

Our arena fence packs are designed to make your new arena project really easy. A Bounce Back arena is an attractive safe place to train or equally, suitable as a formal dressage arena. 

Our arena packs come in two sizes, both black and white, and with or without posts, to take the hard work out of your calculations and planning for your arena. 

All packages include our super safe horse fence rail, all the fittings required to attach that rail to the posts and our two tools for easy installation.

What could possibly be easier?

Posts, Post Sleeves and Star Picket sleeves

Now, for your posts.

Just like the rail, all our post and post sleeve options are made from recycled materials. They are designed for the toughest of Australian conditions.

Bounce Back posts will not rot or splinter. They are termite and UV resistant. Horses will not chew or windsuck them, nor will they ever need painting.

What you’ll need.

You will need a straining post at the end of each run, at either side of a gate and at each change of direction.

We recommend spacing your interim posts 3m apart.

Bounce Back is also compatible with standard treated pine posts, available at your local building materials supplier.

For those opting to use timber posts, create a completely paint-free and weatherproof post option, with our Econo-post sleeves and end caps, designed to wrap around new or existing round timber posts.

If you are using star pickets anywhere on your property, please consider our star picket cover packs, designed to cover dangerous sharp edges and reduce injury to horses and riders.

Choose from our range of posts, post or star picket sleeves below – or source your own from your local supplier.

Plastic Coated Wires

Our Plastic Coated Wire is the budget alternative to Bounce Back rail. The wire is enclosed within a 7mm round plastic tube to prevent nasty cuts and improve visibility on your wire fence. 

Use it alone, for an economical safety solution, or as the lower rails, below a standard Bounce Back 120mm rail on top.

Plastic Coated Wire is available in black or white, in 250m rolls. Matching brackets are also available.


You’ve chosen your rail and your posts.

Now you need your brackets, your joiners and wire vises. 

We have chosen all our accessories to be low profile, with no sharp edges or corners for the highest level of safety possible. 

You’ll find everything you need, right here – even tools!

Fencing Tools

These are the tools you will need to make your fencing project as easy as possible.

Use your own, if you have them, or buy them here.