Wire End Vise – Round Head

$4.60 (INCL. GST)

The wire end vise – round head has the same specifications as our standard wire end vise but it features a round head.  The round head allows for easy countersinking in the end post using a spade bit.   This provides for an even lower profile finish.  If countersinking is not required, our traditional square head wire end vise can be used.

Our wire end vise is inconspicuous and low profile providing for both an aesthetically pleasing and safe fence for your horses.  Simple to use and durable our wire end vises are superior to other systems.  The one way jaw inside the vise will allow us to tension the wire within the fence rail.  Further adding to the aesthetic nature we supply a range of wire end vise covers which neatly hide the vise and wire from sight.

Two wire end vises are used for each end of the rail to attach to the end posts.   That is one end vise is used for each 2.5mm high tensile wire within the rail.  A straining tool is then used to apply tension to the wire, and therefore the rail, which is maintained by the wire end vise.  A gripple tool or alternative brand tool can be used, or you can use ours see our Straining Tool.

Beware of inferior systems with the large accessories which are unsightly and dangerous to livestock.

How to use wire end vice in horse fence installation

Refer to our installation guide for instructions on straining your Bounce Back® Horse Rail.

Alternatively, the use of our wire end vises is shown on our installation videos Installation Video – Attach the rail to the dead end post and Installation Video – Straining the rail

Wire end vises are commonly used for straining wire fences and for trellis in vineyards.  They are popular due to their simplicity, light weight, ease of installation and durability.  They also allow for easy restraining of the wire/trellis/fence which makes maintenance easy.

For tips on how to install your round head wire end vice see Round head wire end vise, how to install?

Please note the exact style of the round plate will vary from time to time depending on the availability of supply.  If a particular style of wire end vise is required customers should contact us.

Please also note that our wire end vise is suitable for 2.5mm high tensile wire.  Customers wishing to strain other wire sizes, braids etc… are suggested to contact us to discuss the suitability.

Weight .01584 kg
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