Bounce Back is THE horse fencing system for
Australian horses and their owners.

Manufactured here in Australia, by a wholly Australian owned company, Bounce Back has been carefully designed to resist the harshest of Australian climates and to improve horse and rider safety in every possible way.

On top of that, it’s economical, environmentally friendly, easy to install and it will never need painting.

How Does It Do All That?

We don’t call it Bounce Back for nothing! Our fencing system has no exposed wires or sharp edges and will not splinter. If horse or rider do collide with it, it will bend and flex upon impact, minimising the possibility of injury to both.

Safety is everything.

You don’t even have to feel bad about buying a plastic product! Bounce Back is made from UV stabilised recycled plastics and is guaranteed to last a minimum of ten years, (but probably more) even in the hottest or coldest of Aussie climates.

Have you ever strained a wire fence? Yes? Oh, you are going to love this. If you haven’t, don’t panic. It’s easier than you think.

The Bounce Back system is based upon two high tensile, super strong steel wires, fully enclosed in plastic, per rail. Just strip the plastic cover back a bit and strain away. We have plenty of instructions to help DIYers (right here).

What’s best for you? Black rail, to blend into the environment and cover all that red dust and dirt? Or white, for that pristine post and rail look? You choose.

Top rail only? Covered wires and star picket covers for safety and economy? Post sleeves to cover your timber posts? Three full rails for the ultimate in safety fencing? Paddocks? Arena? Your choice! Bounce Back is a system. You choose how it works for you.

Bounce Back is virtually maintenance free. Just like a wire fence, Bounce Back may need a quick restrain now and again, but that’s it. Installed correctly, Bounce Back will be the easiest fence you have ever had.

Never paint again. Let’s just say that twice. Never paint again. You can spend your time riding your horses, not painting their fences.

Your new Bounce Back fence will look as good in years to come, as it does when you install it – and your horses are going to love it.

PS. It even tastes terrible to windsuckers!