Bounce Back Horse Fence is the all-Australian equine solution for fencing horses.

We are a small Australian manufacturer, based in Western Sydney. We have designed and created Bounce Back to meet the needs of all Aussie horse owners – from large studs to pony clubs and hobby farmers – and we manufacture it ourselves, onsite.

We are always listening, talking and thinking about how to do better. Everything we do, we do to make Bounce Back the best, safest and simplest horse fencing solution available for you.

We know how much you love your horses, so for us, safety is everything. We have designed Bounce Back to have no sharp edges, no exposed wires and to bend and flex upon impact. That will keep your vet bills down and your riders safer too.

We know that cost is always key, so we will never stop looking for new ways to keep the price down, whilst maintaining quality.

We understand that you have better things to do than paint your fences and waste time with constant maintenance. Bounce Back will never need painting and is virtually maintenance free. Installation is as easy as straining a wire fence.

We know you care about the environment – both protecting it – and being protected from it. It’s tough out there. Bounce Back is made from recycled plastics, with an added UV stabiliser to protect it from the damaging Australian sun. It will not rot, warp or splinter and termites will not touch it.

We know that windsucking and cribbing are a problem, but not for Bounce Back owners. We made Bounce Back taste terrible!

We can arrange delivery Australia wide, because we know you are everywhere!

We know you want choices, so go ahead and choose.

Black or white? One, two, or three rails? Our posts or post sleeves, or your own? DIY or fencing contractor? Arena kit? Or your own design?

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