Star Picket Sleeves

Australian made range of star picket sleeves with safety end caps.  Improve your existing fence! Star picket sleeves are also fantastic for use with temporary fences.

Providing the safety of smooth polymers and an attractive finish. Your fence won’t look the same. Easily fitted over existing star pickets!

Star pickets (also known a Y posts) are a convenient fence post.  They are used nationwide on various rural properties. However they are not on their own safe for use for horse fencing.  Largely due to their sharp edges and impalement risk. Sometimes though the use of star pickets cannot be avoided.  In those cases our start picket sleeves will greatly improve the safety. Great for temporary horse fencing. Provide for quick fence makeovers. Great value.

Our picket sleeve cap provides is easy to install. They slip on the end of star picket sleeves easily. Easily fixed in place with a cable tie.  They are sturdy, attractive and durable.

All polymers are UV treated and heat absorbers are added to provide for long life.

Made out of 100% recycled polymers and 100% recyclable our start picket sleeves are fantastic for our environment. A fully sustainable product made 100% in Australia.  The material can be sourced from;

  1. Recycled milk bottles.
  2. Recycled irrigation tubing (including household 12mm tube).
  3. Recycled industrial poly tube.
  4. Recycled wheelie bins.
  5. Other recycled polyethylene products from household disposal and industry.

Every picket sleeve cover removes the equivalent of seven 2 litre milk bottles from landfill in Australia.

We also manufacture star picket sleeves in a range of hi-visibility colours for the safety industry.  Often used on sporting grounds and school playground where sections are fenced off for temporary repair.  These are available upon request and made to order.

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