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  • Sale! straining tool feature - horse fence tools

    Straining Tool – Horse Fence Tools and accessories

    $190.41 (INCL. GST)

    Straining tool for tensioning your Bounce Back® flexible horse fence rail. These sturdy tools make straining the rail easy.  They are also excellent for ongoing maintenance of the fence after impact from horses and wear and tear. This heavy duty tool has few moving parts and tightly grips the wire.  The large handles allow for…

  • Sale! Wire Stripper - Horse Fence Tools

    Wire Stripper Pliers

    $34.83 (INCL. GST)

    These horse fence tools are perfect for removing the plastic coating from the wire in our horse fence rail.  These sturdy tools are used to assist in preparing the horse fence rail ready to attach to the end post. The two “v” shaped jaws can be brought together to firstly cut the polymer (whilst still on…

  • Sale! crimping tool 450mm

    Crimping Tool

    $127.48 (INCL. GST)

    Our heavy duty crimping tool (also known as a swaging tool is solid and built to last. For instructions on the use of this tool see our PDF – How to Join our fence rail. It is also known as a Mechanical Swage Tool and can be used on wire rope. The tool has three holes…