Wire Vise Joiner

$6.90 (INCL. GST)

Use our wire vice joiners to join sections of our horse rail.

Use our wire vise joiner to easily join horse fence rail.

Bounce Back® can be joined to  your existing fence or to join horse fence rail when runs longer than 100 metres are required using these strong and reliable two sided vise grips.

These joiners are smooth and low profile to complement our safe horse fence.  There low profile also makes them inconspicuous and they don’t detract from the overall look of the fence.

They are also strong, sturdy and durable and will provide a long life and reliable join to the rail.

Refer to our installation guide for instructions for joining your fence.

How to join horse fence rail.

  1. Mark both beads, on each section of rail to be joined, with a marker 40mm from the end of the rail.
  2. Using a pair of snips cut along the inside of the bead to the mark made in step 1.
  3. Bend the central panel out of the way and using a pair of wire stripper pliers Wire Stripper Pliers remove the polymer from the wire.
  4. Remove 5mm of wire from each section with a pair of bolt cutters.  This will leave 35mm of exposed wire which will fit the jaws in our wire vice joiner.  The centre section of panel will be 40mm which will allow 5mm panel to overlap with the other section.  That way there will be no gap in the rail when joined.
  5. Insert the exposed wire into one end of the wire vice joiner, and then insert the wire from the other section into the other end of the joiner.  Complete for both wires.
  6. When completed there should be no exposed wire as it should be contained within the wire vise joiners, and there should be a small overlap in the centre polymer panel so that no gap appears in the rail.
Weight 0.015 kg

10 grams



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