40x20m Horse Arena Fencing Deluxe Kit (White) incl. post sleeves

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40x20m Horse Arena Fencing Deluxe Kit (White) including post sleeves and fittings.

Our Deluxe Arena kit is for you, if you just want everything to match!

Our stylish white rail complemented by our white post sleeves make for a beautiful arena that will never ever need painting and your horses will not chew!

A Bounce Back arena will not only look great and improve the value of your property, you can rest assured you have the safest fencing option for your horses.

With our durable post sleeves included in our Deluxe Kit, your arena will look like new for many years to come.  The post sleeves provided are designed for a fence height of 1170mm. Just wrap them around your timber posts and use the end cap to seal the top. The sleeves will close to fit tightly around the post allowing for anticipated changes in diameter.

If a higher fence is required please contact us and we will arrange a quote to fit longer posts.

The kit includes enough white Bounce Back to run two rails around your arena, white post sleeves* to fit treated pine posts and all the fittings required to cater for a 40 x 20mtr horse arena fence.

All Bounce Back products are made from 100%  recycled plastics.

*You will need to BYO your treated timber posts. Round treated timber posts are easily found at your local building materials supplier. Sourcing these locally will keep your costs down and reduce shipping charges. 

You will require

46 x 75mm x 1800mm round treated pine posts AND 6 x 125mm x 2400mm round treated pine posts.

*Wire Stripper Pliers are included, but please remember to add a Straining Tool to your cart, if you do not already have one. 

This horse arena fencing kit contains:

  1. 250m of white rail (often 2x 125m rolls)
  2. 46 x 1170mm long and 75mm round white post sleeves. (to cover interim posts and horizontal stays)
  3. 6 x 1170mm long and 125mm round white post sleeves (to cover straining posts including the 2 gate posts)
  4. 72 x white metal interim brackets
  5. 32 x white wire end vices
  6. 2 x 100 packs of timber screws
  7. 1 x Wire Stripper Pliers
  8. 10 x  800mm white  wire vice covers


The technical stuff…..

This horse arena fencing kit provides all  rail, fittings and tools plus the necessary 46 interim post sleeves, (including 10 to be used for horizontal posts for braces) and 6 straining post sleeves.  The 10 additional post sleeves for horizontal use are to be used 2 in each corner and one for each gate post.  Each box brace (or H-Brace) will be 1170mm long.  The pack assumes a spacing between interim posts of approx. 3.3 metre.

Please note that no gate is provided, however the correct number of post sleeves and straining devices are provided to allow for the opening.

The spacing of posts can be varied slightly from the above to produce the exact size required for your arena (e.g. some customers fence up to 41 X 21 metres to provide uninhibited space for performance in a formal 40 x 20metre arena).

Freight is additional. Please contact our office for freight cost to your area. We will work hard to deliver you horse arena fence kit atthe best  price and in good time.

Additional information

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