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60*20m Arena Fence Pack (White) Incl. Posts

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Product Description

Arena fence pack in stunning white with Woodshield’s white posts.  Our super safe white rail complemented by Woodshield’s equine posts for that dressage look white arena.  This arena fence pack will provide for a classical white look, horse and rider safety, and long life.  The post length provided assumes a fence height of 1,200mm or 4 feet.  If a higher fence is required please contact us and we will arrange a quote for longer posts.

Do it once and do it properly with our arena fence pack.

The kit includes our white rail, Woodshield’s white equine posts and all our fittings designed to cater for a 60*20mtr horse arena fence. Enough product for 2 rails of our premium product around your new horse arena. This pack also includes our associated tools.
The horse arena fencing kit contains;
1. 340mtrs of white rail.
2. 58 * 180cm long and 83mm round white Woodshield Posts. (To be used for interim posts and horizontal stays)
3. 6 * 240cm long and 124mm round white Woodshield Posts. (To be used for straining posts including the 2 gate posts)
4. 96 * Standard Interim Brackets.
5. 40 * Wire End Vice.
6. 2 * 100 packs of screws.
7. 1 * Wire Straining Tool.
8. 1* Wire Stripper Pliers.
9. 1* Bag of 10 800mm White wire vise covers.

This complete pack provides all our rail, fittings and tools plus the necessary 48 interim posts, 10 horizontal posts for braces and 6 straining posts.  The pack assumes a spacing between posts of approx 3.33 metre, and provision for one gate mid run. The pack provides for 18 posts (2 verticals for bracing plus 16 posts for 17 * 3.33 metre spaces) along the long run and 6 posts (2 verticals for bracing and 4 posts for 5 * 3.33 metre spaces on the short run).  The spacing can be varied from 3.33 metres to produce the exact size required for your arena (e.g. some customers fence up to 63*23 metres to provide uninhibited space for performance in a formal 60*20 metre arena).  The 10 additional posts for horizontal use are to be used 2 in each corner and one for each gate post.

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PS: Not all images on this page feature Woodshield posts however are indicative of the finish achieved.  Some photos of Woodshield posts in other applications have been provided for ease of reference.  See Woodshield’s website for specifcs on post dimensions and appearance.


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