Econo-sleeve (White) 75mm x 1170mm – for Interim Posts

$10.48 (INCL. GST) + Shipping/Freight

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The Bounce Back Econo-sleeve has been designed to wrap around your existing or new treated timber pine post, wholly enclosing it in recycled plastic from the ground up.

Match the white Econo-sleeve to your white Bounce Back rail.

Place the included end cap on the top and your posts will be impervious to sun, water, rot, mould and termites. They will never need painting and your horses will not chew or wind suck them.

The 1170mm height is measured not only to cover the post from the ground up, but to fit onto a standard pallet, saving shipping and freight costs.

This one fits a post of approximately 75mm diameter. Use it for your interim posts.

Source your own treated timber posts from your local building materials supplier and wrap the Exconosleeve around them.

This is so easy for DIYers – even first timers can do it. Like all Bounce Back products, the Econosleeve is maintenance free and made from 100% recycled plastics.