Horse Rail Fencing

Bounce Back Horse fence rail has been in this field for over 34 years and provides you with safe, long-lasting and cost-effective equine fencing solution. Since each of the products is manufactured with utmost care and attention, it makes each of the design less complicated and easy to install. Especially our horse rail fence, which is flexible and strong at the same time. It offers a cushioning effect upon impact and since it has a very low surface friction it does no harm to the horse at all and thus minimise any possible chance of injuries.

Why choose our horse rail fencing?

Our horse fence rail comes conveniently packaged on 100 metre rolls. These rolls weigh approximately 30 kilograms and measure 140mm high and 90mm round. The horse rail is 120mm wide and made from UV stabilised polyethylene with heat absorbers added for extra long life. It is reinforced with 2 * 2.5mm high tensile wires for extreme strength keeping your horses super safe.

There is yet another reason why the horse rail fencing is kept flexible, smooth and strong. It is not only to protect the horse or the rider from any injuries, but also these specifications help in maintaining a durable and attractive fence and also minimise maintenance. It can be easily installed at the same time provide a sleek and pleasing appearance to everyone.

Need More Information on our horse fencing rail?

For more details on the horse rail fence and other accessories, contact us. We are happy to help you.

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