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E-Post – Black 1800mm Plastic Fence Post

Product Description

The E-post is our economical plastic fence post. This fence post has a diameter of 97mm and measures 1.8 metres in length.

It is E for the environment, and it is E for the economical plastic fence post.

It is the perfect post for use as an interim post with both our 120mm horse fencing rail and plastic coated wire. It is not however suitable for use as a straining post.

The smooth black finish will create a dramatic and classy looking fence. Completing the look achieved by our 120mm fence rail it will attract customers looking to add value to their properties. It is also available in white to match our other rail colour.

The E-post is the result of a significant amount of development and testing. It is a two layer plastic fence post, combining the rigidity of 100% recycled thermoplastic core with the Chemical resistance of a polyolefin alloy.

The outer skin consists of recycled Polyolefin, modified to protect it from Ultra violet and Infra-red radiation. When exposed to heat from direct sunlight the bending, normally seen in Plastic posts is minimised.

It also has a high chemical resistance. Protection from aggressive ground water and general rot.

The inner core is a rigid thermoplastic made from 100% recycled materials. This core is formulated for rigidity and strength.

The ends of the posts are sealed with a welded plastic end cap.

The E- post is the ideal plastic fence post.

Consider the benefits;
1. It will not rot.
2. 100% termite free.
3. Hardly bends in sunlight.
4. Light weight and easy to install.
5. Its thermoplastic core makes it rigid.
6. Its two layers of polyolefin polymers provides for secure screw attachment.
7. 100% paint free.
8. Available in colours to match our horse fencing rail and plastic coated wire.
9. Features 100% recycled thermoplastics.
10. 100% recyclable.

In the bounce back system the brackets can be installed with self-drilling tech screws. Why not use our plastic post screws.

Additional Information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 1800 x 97 x 97 cm
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