Horse Fencing Packages

Bounce Back horse fencing packages simplify your flexible fencing options. The Bounce Back system has been carefully engineered in order to provide a perfect balance between the safety of the horses and visual beauty of the equine fencing.

Unlike the traditional horse fencing systems, our fence and products can withstand high impact without hurting the horse or the rider. They flex and return in case of low and medium level collisions. In the case of high impact they flex and bounce back, reducing any chance of damage.

Horse Fencing Packages, Options & Ideas

Our packages provide a wide variety of options and ideas, ensuring complete safety and stability. It is the flexible polymer build of the fence that minimise any possible damage to such fast and strong animals.

While creating such a durable product, our product designers and other personnel made sure that they pose no danger to the horses or any other individual at the same time offered an easy to install, visually pleasing and durable solution. This is one of the reasons why our options and ideas are well respected by our customers and why we are still among the top horse fencing teams in Australia.

The packages available for purchase on this site are designed to make purchasing horse fencing materials easy.

As always we are available to help with determining the quantities required, so for more information please contact us.

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