Plastic Coated Horse Fencing Wire

Our plastic coated horse fencing wire is designed to compliment our BounceBack® Horse Fence rail.  It provides an economical horse fencing solution. Made from identical materials and available in the same three colours as our 120mm rail our plastic coated wire will compliment your existing BounceBack ® or Flexifence Installation.  This product is often used for the lower rails of a fence, with our 120mm rail as the top rail.

It measures 7mm (nominal) in diameter for high visibility.  The super smooth poly coating protects horse from nasty cuts caused by traditional wire fencing.

It features the same UV stabilization and heat absorption technology as our standard rail for a durable and long life. The 2.5mm high tensile wire allows for easy strained using our wire end vises. The wire can be attached to interim posts using our sturdy metal saddle brackets.

The product comes coiled in 250 metre length.

Available in Black, White and Brown.

It is available Australia wide.

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