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Transform your horse property – Customer Testimonial

May 20, 2016 Comments Off on Transform your horse property – Customer Testimonial Categories: Uncategorized
  • Transform you horse property after shot
    Transform your horse property before

    Before the installation

    Transform your horse property with a whole new look.

    Aesthetically pleasing and durable Bounce Back ® horse fence will transform your properties look.

    Check out this happy customers before and after photos.  It was always a beautiful property, with its quintessential Australian look with big gum trees.

    But this one has just had a makeover.  Now not only do their horses have a much more visible fence line, and their safety improved dramatically but their properties appearance has had an upgrade as well.



    Transform your horse property

    Transform your horse property after shot

    After the installation


    Now visitors will see on first arriving an even more attractive entrance way.

    First impressions speak volumes, and add greatly to values of properties.

    According to Karen “your railing has revolutionized our driveway”.

    It certainly has the wire mesh, which obviously had a visibility problem, is now completed with our rail as the perfect sight line. From a distance it looks remarkably like timber post and rail, but it will outlast timber and retain its bright finish.

    You have to laugh our product even makes the grass look greener!



    Due to our products long life, this horse property will look good for years to come.  There is little hope now of achieving this look with traditional timber post and rail fencing.  Unfortunately the grades of timber are not available to achieve a lifespan beyond 5 years.  This typically is an issue for the horizontal rails which rot, are chewed by horses and will need constant repainting.  Not for this lucky customer who can use their weekends for riding their horses !

    If you are looking for long lasting low maintenance fence solution for your horse property we have the answer for you.

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