feature transform your horse fence

How to transform your horse fence !

Would you like to transform your horse fence and improve your property? Well we have some great ideas for you.

Are you tired of seeing your old fencing decay? Are you looking for an economical and practical way to quickly improve the appearance of your property.

Would you like to improve the visibility and safety of your existing fencing? Well we have some solutions for you that are economical, easy to install, and will transform your horse property.


how to transform your horse fence

How to transform your horse fence – Using Star Picket Sleeves

If you have star picket fencing on your property we have solutions for you.

Firstly you can easily increase the visibility of these narrow posts with our white star picket sleeves.  These sleeves are UV stabilised, durable and usable with many clips and fittings available for all types of fencing attachments.

Seen here to the left with our 120mm rail and plastic coated wire fencing, it has completely transformed the look of this yard.  It’s now highly visible, and the clean white look is attractive.  The sleeves simply slip over the top of the star pickets and are fastened using the cap.

Our brackets were easily fitted with the screws provided and an electrified tape line was attached using a simple wire and insulator through the cap.

Just look at the difference our picket sleeves and flexible rail make to this fence.

In the photo below you can barely see the poly rope and the dark star pickets.

In the photo above the 120mm rail and poly sleeve are highly visible barriers, and so are the white picket sleeves.

No more replacing the star picket caps.  No more glueing safety caps to star picket.

Our picket sleeve caps will never fall out as they are securely fastened, with a cable tie in this case, though the cap, sleeve and star picket.  They are there forever.

Safe, secure and affordable horse fencing solution!

If you would like information on any of these products please contact us.


transform your horse fence with star picket sleeves



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