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Star Picket Sleeves Introductory Sale – Save over 15%

June 29, 2018 Comments Off on Star Picket Sleeves Introductory Sale – Save over 15% Categories: Uncategorized
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    To celebrate the launch of our new star picket sleeves we are holding an introductory sale.  Save over 15% on our new sleeves.picket sleeve with 120mm rail and PCW

    Our full range of star picket sleeves are now available.  These picket sleeves provide an attractive upgrade to existing fencing using star pickets.  Perfect for the horse lover who has just purchased property that has previously held other livestock.  They can be use in conjunction with our 120mm rail and plastic coated wire.  The polymer is tough enough to hold screws tightly and securely.  This makes fixing our brackets and other industry clips simple.

    For a limited time only our sleeves are discounted;

    1. White pickets reduced from $7.70 to $6.60.
    2. Black Pickets reduced from $6.60 to $5.50.


    The sleeves are easily fitted using a matching cap.  They are affordable, durable, and treated for Australia’s climate.  The sleeves and caps feature similar additives to our 120mm rail and plastic coated wire.  These products have been tested by Australia’s harsh heat and UV radiation for over 30 years!

    This product range has been developed in response to customer demand.  100% developed in Australia.  Every star picket cover is 100% manufactured in Australia.

    The sleeves are bundled in lightwieght packs of 20.  Perfect for shipment by courier around Australia for even those small jobs.

    Our black star picket sleeves are made from 100% recycled and recyclable material.

    They are fantastic fpicket sleeve on post whiteor our environment.  The black material can be sourced from;

    1. Recycled milk bottles.
    2. Recycled irrigation tubing (including household 12mm tube).
    3. Recycled industrial poly tube.
    4. Recycled wheelie bins.
    5. Other recycled polyethylene products from household disposal and industry.

    Every picket sleeve cover removes the equivalent of seven 2 litre milk bottles from landfill in Australia.

    Follow this link to view this range in our online store – Star Picket Sleeve

    For information on how easy they are to install see either our FAQ – How to install star picket covers or have a look at our PDF  – How to Install Picket Post Sleeves.