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Round Yard Fencing – Customer Tesimonial

March 21, 2016 Comments Off on Round Yard Fencing – Customer Tesimonial Categories: Horse Fencing Advice and Ideas
  • Round Yard Fencing

    Round Yard fencing requires a versatile horse fence rail and fortunately Bounce Back ® is the solution.   The flexible rail and low profile fittings are super safe for all those training exercises allowing active horses premium protection against injuries with the fence.  So whether you are penning your horses in your round yard or training them you have peace of mind.

    According to Dean, Riverbrook farm Blenheim New Zealand,

    “We have a lane-way down the middle of our paddocks and have built the pen into it.   Looks really great,  very pleased how it has come out. Being the first person to use it (Bounce Back ®) in town it has been noticed with the horsey  people and the neighbour is now thinking of using it for her arena.”

    Adding  Bounce Back ® to your property not only solves your fencing problem, it improves the value and draws attention to the quality from your neighbours.

    Looking for the ideal round yard fencing?

    We love it when we solve a problem for our customers.  In Dean’s case he needed a versatile product that could be used for Arena’s, Boundaries and of course round yard fencing, while providing optimum safety for a problem horse.

    “Our problem horse for reasons we don’t  know…  mainly at night goes to a blind panic and goes crashing though one or more fences…..very sick of mixing fences”

    Well he is on the right track now, Bounce Back ® can be used throughout the property.  This will provide the safety he desires and that consistent look and feel throughout.

    Did you know we delivered to New Zealand?  We deliver there most weeks and have sourced some economical and reliable delivery methods.  A limited number of installers are also avaialable. Again Dean was pleased and found the process simple and hassle free;

    “All parts arrived safe and sound and no problems with customs etc”

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