Wire End Vise Cover – 800mm Brown (Bag of 10)

$50.58 (INCL. GST)

Our super safe wire end vise cover is available in an economical bag of 10. These brown covers compliment our brown horse fence rail.

Our wire end vise cover provides for an attractive finish at the end of the run. They also protect your animals and passes by from the end of the wire and metal plate.  Super smooth and flexible they further enhance the safety aspects of our fence system.  Their flexible build provides enough give to reduce the risk of injury.

Our wire end vise cover is made in tough polypropylene that is UV stabilised and has heat absorbers added. This provides for long life and preserves the attractive finish.

These covers can be fitted in the 800mm length provided, covering all vices on a typical 2 rail installation. Alternatively on gate posts they can be cut into 140mm lengths, and placed over the each pair of vises to provide space for gate fittings. The covers can be cut with a hacksaw, pair of metal snips or knife.  A longer 1200mm version is available, which suits 3+ rail applications and when the spacing is greater, see 1200mm Brown Vise Covers. This 800mm version can be more economical to transport if ordered by itself.

We recommend the wire end vise cover be installed with stainless screws of 10-20mm length.  (Note: Small galvanized screws are not reliable, the tightness to the thread can lead to the coating being torn of when the screws are installed). Often 4 screws per pair of vices are required, two just above the top pair and two below the bottom pair.

The hinge section, between the dome and flat side pieces provides for a variety of post sizes. Specifically the hinge will allow attachment to any round post 100mm diameter or greater.

For how to install these covers, see the instructions in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 90 × 18 × 15 cm
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