/ / / 1170mm Star Picket Sleeve (Black) With Matching Cap and Cable Ties

1170mm Star Picket Sleeve (Black) With Matching Cap and Cable Ties

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Our star picket sleeve comes in an attractive black finish.

It measures 1170mm in length and will cover most star pickets used in traditional 4ft high rural fencing.

Our star picket sleeve will easily slide over the top of your star pickets (also known a Y Posts).  It can be easily fixed in place with our picket sleeve end cap.  They are sturdy, durable and attractive. Protect your animals from the sharp edges of star pickets with these easy to install covers.

Cover up you rusty star pickets with our attractive star picket sleeve.

The strong polymer can be screwed into without failure.  This provides for easy fixing of our 120mm interim post brackets and plastic coated wire bracket.   Similarly clips for fence mesh and fence wire can be attached easily.

Combine with our 120mm horse rail or plastic coated wire transform your wire fence into an attractive and safer fence for horses.

Every star picket sleeve is 100% made in Australia.

All polymers are heat stabilised and UV absorbers are added.

Available Australia wide (yes we ship nation wide – contact us to request a freight quote).

For more information on installation see our FAQ – How to install Star Picket Covers.  Or review our PDF manual – How to Install Picket Post Sleeves and Caps.

If longer lengths are required please contact us.

Note: We recommend attaching fittings on the side of the post that the animals inhabit.  This will prevent some screws being pulled from the plastic when impact occurs.


Environmentally sustainable star picket sleeve

Made out of 100% recycled polymers and 100% recyclable our start picket sleeves are fantastic for our environment. A fully sustainable product made 100% in Australia. The recycled material can be sourced from;
1. Post consumer milk bottles.
2. Post consumer irrigation tubing (including household 12mm tube).
3. Recycled industrial poly tube.
4. Used wheelie bins.
5. Other recycled polyethylene products from household disposal and industry.
Every picket sleeve cover removes the equivalent of seven 2 litre milk bottles from landfill in Australia.  This makes our picket covers not only great for your property and animals but great for the planet as well.




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