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Picket Sleeve Cap – Black

Product Description

Picket Sleeve Cap for our range of star picket sleeves.

Made from durable thermoplastic to match our star picket covers.  UV stabilised and heat absorbers added as required.

This end cap completes the picket cover, by covering the end of the star picket.  Its rounded edges and smooth surface enhance safety for livestock and their owners.  No more sharp edges of star pickets.  Quickly convert your rusted star picket fence into something attractive and safer.

Made from 100% recycled materials these end caps are 100% recyclable.  For every two end caps purchased our customers are removing the equivalent of one 2 litre milk bottle from landfill.  Good for you safety, good for the safety of your animals, and good for the environment.  Please note: our end caps are manufactured from recycled HDPE.  The sources of this material will include post consumer wast (including milk bottles, recycled industrial pipe, recycled irrigation tube, recycled wheelie bins.  We are not in control of the exact source and this will  be determined by availability.

Installation of picket sleeve cap

Our end cap fits easily!  Simply slips over the end of the picket cover.  Minimal installation required!  No need to remove the star pickets from the ground, just slide the cover on from above and place the end cap on the top.  It takes only minutes to completely change the look of an old fence.

Our picket sleeve cap features a 12mm hole.  The cap, and the picket cover, can be fixed in place by inserting a cable tie through this hole and the top hole in the star picket.  This will prevent the end caps being removed, and prevent the picket cover from moving vertically on the star picket.

Please note these caps are NOT designed to fit onto the star picket directly.  Rather that fit our star picket sleeves.  Customer who wish to use these directly on star pickets are advised they can either;

  1. Accept a loose fit (even when a cable tie through the star picket is used).
  2. Cut a 50mm section from a star picket sleeve and insert this inside our cap.  Then the picket sleeve cap will fit the post more tightly.

For more information on installation see our FAQ – How to install Star Picket Covers.

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