Interim Post White – 83mm Round * 1800mm (bundle of 61)

$1,166.00 (INCL. GST)

Our 83mm round white plastic coated timber post is perfect for use as an interim post with our system. They are coated in similar materials to our rail and therefore provide a similar durable finish. The durable polyethylene coating compliments our white horse fence rail. Imagine, with these posts and our rail you will never need to paint your fence again.

These posts provide an excellent alternative to timber posts normally used for interim posts. Horses will not chew the non palatable coating and wind sucking can be avoided. These posts will not rot with moisture exposure like timber posts and will repel termites.  Due to the laminate of polymer coating over natural timber, these posts are high strength and provide some flex upon impact. The perfect combination of sturdiness with a bit of give.  This provides for a high safety standard for both horse and rider.

These interim post will be complimented by our straining posts.  Perhaps when soil conditions are wet and the larger diameter and depth are relevant.

These posts are included in our popular arena packs. For more information see white horse arena fence kit.

The posts, due to the timber core are easily screwed into. Screws will not create water entry points as the coating self seals against the thread of the screw. Care must be taken not to notch or otherwise cut through the polymer coating. The polymer coating is sealed and this is essential for long life.

Eco Friendly Fence Interim Post

These posts feature a natural pine core and are completely recyclable. There no harmful chemicals used in the timber so you can avoid all the concerns with treated pine. They provide a complete cycle solution for fence posts. Avoid the difficulties with disposing treated pine products and use out plastic coated interim post!

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