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Brown 500 metre Horse Fence Kit

Product Description

Our Horse fence kit will provide any easy way to start using Bounce Back horse fence.  This kit features everything you need to get started.  Also available in white and black.

Our horse fence kit includes;

This pack contains the different types components required  to install 500 metres of horse fencing rail in a budget pack.

Please check the number of vices and brackets that you require carefully.  Our pack assumes interim post spacing at 3.33 metres and straining posts 100 metres apart.  So please consider the spacing of your interim posts, length of runs, how many rails you require and if any fence sections will require joiners.

Additional brackets and vices may be required.  Have you go the right tools, please consider our straining tool and stripper pliers.

Please refer to our product installation guide on the installation page for advice on planning your horse fence installation.

You may wish to add our wire end vice covers to the kit.  They are available in either 800mm (good for two rails) or 1,200mm (good for three rail installations).  They are NOT included in these kits as customers need to purchase covers to suit their fence height.

Additional Information

Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 1050 x 950 x 900 cm