Crimp sleeves – by the unit

$0.92 (INCL. GST)

Our crimp sleeves, also known as a swages, are available individually.  For better prices see our pack of 100 Double Crimp Sleeves.

Our crimp sleeves are double length, approximately 22mm. They are suitable for joining both our 120mm rail and our plastic coated wire products. There size makes handling easy and provides for extra grip strength.

For instructions on the use of this tool see our PDF – How to Join our fence rail.

Why use our crimp sleeves?

Using crimps or swages to join our rail and plastic coated wire products is the most secure and fool-proof method. It is so simple it can’t go wrong. The crimps/swages are also smaller than wire vise joiners and therefore if done neatly it is the most attractive of the joining methods.

Please note: If you only need to complete one or two joins, it may be more affordable to use our wire vise joiner. Our wire vise joiner does not require a tool although they are more expensive than our crimps. The most affordable approach will depend on the number of joins to be completed.

Notes on using our crimp sleeves for joining other wire and wire ropes.

Our crimp sleeves are NOT nickel plated.  They should not be used with stainless wire.  They are suitable for galvanised wire and rope.

As of September 2018 our crimp sleeves are for 1.6 to 2.5mm diameter wire.  However qe use varying suppliers and makes and only specify our crimps for joining 2.5mm high tensile wires.  The current stock will be effective for other wire sizes and ropes, however we do not specify that our crimps will work for any particular range.  If you have a particular wire/ wire rope you wish to join please contact us with the specifications of the wire and we can advise if we have the suitable crimp for that application.


Weight .0019 kg
Dimensions .22 × .096 × .056 cm
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