Bracket Polycarbonate Top Fix – For alternative top rail.

$1.65 (INCL. GST)

Our Polycarbonate Top Fix bracket is used to attach the top rail to your interim posts when for appearance purposes it is necessary to have the top rail flush to the top of the posts.

Care should be taken when using these brackets as they require fixing by screwing to the end grain of the timber post.  Customers should ensure their post type is appropriate to be screwed into the end grain.

These brackets also allow “Flexafence” customers to match the flush look achieved with the old metal top fix brackets sold with that horse fence system.

WARNING Poly-carbonate brackets should NOT be used with Creosote or sump oil finished posts.  The aromatics in both petroleum oils and tree oils(Creosote) will damage any poly-carbonate material.  If you wish to use creosote or sump oil, refer to our metal brackets;

Horse Fence Brackets White (Top fix)

Horse Fence Brackets Black (Top fix)

Horse Fence Brackets White (Top fix)

Weight 0.04 kg

40 grams



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