It is over 35 years since we began our Bounce Back horse fence journey. We’ve designed it and redesigned it over and over again. We’ve never stopped working towards creating the safest and most cost effective equine fencing system for Australian horses and their owners.

We have designed Bounce Back with no sharp edges or exposed wires to keep your horses safe from harm. It is flexible and strong, ready to flex upon any impact and return to its original state, causing no injury to horse or rider and keeping vet bills down.

We know how tough Australian conditions can be. Our rail is made of recycled plastics with an added UV stabiliser to ward off the harshest, hottest sun. It will not splinter or crack or rust in any climate – hot, humid, or cold.

Bounce Back is a fencing system suitable for DIYers and professional fencing contractors alike. Think of it as easy as a wire fence to install, but so much better! We have options to suit everyone and everything you need to get started.

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Need Help Picking The Right Fence Rail?

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