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Horse racing will survive but greyhound racing is gone!

July 8, 2016 Comments Off on Horse racing will survive but greyhound racing is gone! Categories: Uncategorized
  • Horse Racing Will SUrvice

    Horse racing will survive, but could you believe it?  To hear a government is cracking down on a multi million dollar industry is one thing, but shut it down completely that was a surprise.

    At a time when we have no leaders in Canberra, it seems we have one in New South Wales.  One that will surprise us now and then it must be said.  I don’t think anyone who saw the Four Corners program on live baiting in greyhound racing in NSW, believed the industry would continue without new regulations and restrictions.  But did you think it would go this far?  I was appalled by the footage, and even more surprised by the reluctant response of the greyhound racing community. Yes, yes I know don’t shout me down I know only some trainers employ these methods.  The commission found 20% of trainers use live baiting.  Unacceptable. Completely unnaceptable.  And a lot of other people who tolerated their practice and kept very quiet for a very long time.

    Horse racing will survive?

    There has been controversy in the past and we must be aware of the potential response.  How has Racing NSW done with handling the controversy surrounding the use of “cobalt” and race fixing in the past.  Should we be concerned that this part of the horse community could go a similar way?

    At the least we, the horse community and suppliers, to the racing community will be closing monitoring the response by the nations Horse Racing bodies.  I don’t believe for one second anything in the horse racing industry quite compares to live baiting of greyhounds.  However I am not so naive to believe there are not a few embarrassing matters that will come to light over time.  Lets all hope the governing bodies over racing in this country really work hard to change the culture and problems that have been identified in the past.  May they be proactive, and may it never be said of the horse racing industry “this is an industry incapable of reform”.

    The one thing about horse racing that is not deniable is there is a lot of money around.  We can afford to take care of the animals, regulate when necessary, and pay the cost of reform.  The goal can never be perfection, but it can be excellence.

    What can we do for the horse racing industry?

    At Bounce Back ® we are all about the safety and well-being of horses.  Its our product and our purpose for existence.  We will always stand for quality horse care and specifically regarding racing for rehabilitation of race horses.  That’s why we proudly sponsor the NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust and admire there work.  Supported by Racing NSW and managed by a Racing NSW employee, Scott Brodie, this program takes troubled ex racehorses to rehabilitate them for a future life.  We are currently working with Scott on an arena project for that very purpose at Cana Farm, Orchard Hills, Sydney and will be providing fencing materials and advice for their valuable work.

    We will continue to stand for safety and optimum care for horses.  We will be a part of the solution.

    For more information on Scott Brodies’ work see https://horsesfromcourses.net/.


    Geofrey Smith is the Business Development Manager of Bounce Back ®Horse Fence. Bounce Back ® is wholly Australian owned and is manufactured exclusively in Sydney. He has overseen the development of the product, its marketing and the launch of www.fencing4horses.com.au.

    He is married with three children and lives in Sydney.


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