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Star Picket Covers – How to install

March 20, 2018 Comments Off on Star Picket Covers – How to install Categories:
  • star picket covers 1

    Star Picket Covers can be easily installed to new and existing fences.

    There is no need to remove posts from the ground.

    star picket sleeve metal post inside


    Step 1 – Slip star picket covers over the star picket post

    The cover should fit easily, and be slightly loose to allow for any bent pick posts.

    You can see from the picture to the left that there is some space inside the cover.







    star picket cover - drill hole in sleeve

    star picket covers

    Step 2 Drill hole through the top of the sleeve.

    On the two long sides, drill a hole directly through the star picket sleeve.

    This hole should be at-least 10mm in diameter (this will match the diamter of the hole in most star pickets).

    The whole centre will be 25mm from the top edge of the sleeve, and approximately 18-20mm in from the point of the picket sleeve.

    But please check your picket post as the position of the top hole may vary between brands.








    point picket sleeve cap

    Step 3 – Place a picket sleeve cap on the end.

    Our picket sleeve cap can then be slipped on the end of the cover.

    The picket sleeve cap will be a snug fit, but is not particularly tight.

    It will be secured to the cover in the following steps.








    star picket covers - cable tie


    Step 4 – Insert a cable tie.

    Thread a cable tie through the holes in the cap, and through the drilled holes in the star picket sleeve.

    Tighten the cable tie as per normal.

    We recommend a 7.6mm black cable tie.  This fits neatly into the hole.

    The length can be as short as is available, which is likely 200mm.






    star picket cover 1


    Step 5 – Remove the excess cable tie

    Once the cable tie is tightened remove the excess plastic.

    Be careful to trim the plastic without leaving sharp edges.






    Step 6 Attach the desired wire clips or brackets as required.

    Various wire fencing and mesh clips can be attached to the covers using the correct screws.

    Don’t use screws with timber or steel cutters.

    A tight thread would be most beneficial.


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