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Covers for Wire End Vises Now Available

April 13, 2017 Comments Off on Covers for Wire End Vises Now Available Categories: Uncategorized
  • covers wire end vises for sale

    Covers for our Wire End Vises are now available!

    Bounce Back (R) Horse Fence is proud to announce the launch of our new product, wire end vise covers!

    These covers for wire end vises will add to our existing the horse fence system.  They provide improved safety and good looks to the straining post.  They cover up both the wire end vise and wire that normally is left on the straining post.  The durable polymer provides for both durability and some flexibilty for safety.

    They are available in all colours to match our horse fence rail.

    The innovative flexend vice covers - black profileible hinge on the covers allows them to be installed on all straining posts sizes.

    The hings flexes to allow the side flaps to fit your posts size.  These flaps are strong and can be easily screwed through to provide a neat flat finish to the post surface.

    So no matter what size of post you are using we have you covered!

    The flexible polymer and u shaped design design provide for maximum give when impact occurs.

    Tidy up you existing installation with our covers for wire end vises.




    The covers are availableend vice covers - black bag of ten in bags of tens and come in two lengths.  Our standard length will be 1200mm.

    These will will cover wire end vises on most posts up to a fence height of around 1.5metres.

    An alternative length of 800mm is also available.  The 800mm length will cover the vises on most two rail fences.  The 800mm length is also more economical to post/courier and will save customers money when they purchase these alone.

    On occasion it will be necessary to cut the vice covers into approximately 150mm lengths to cover wire end vises in pairs.  This will occur at gates and when other items are attached to the end posts.



    Cover Wire End Vises for sale! The following sizes and colours are available;finished black wire end vice covers

    1. 1200mm black
    2. 1200mm white
    3. 1200mm brown
    4. 800mm black
    5. 800mm white
    6. 800mm brown


    They are easily installed with simple 10-20mm stainless screws.  For a full set of instructions on how to install see our FAQ – How to Cover Wire End Vise.