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How to cover wire end vise – Easy Installation Guide

April 13, 2017 Comments Off on How to cover wire end vise – Easy Installation Guide Categories:
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    How to install our cover for the wire end vise?

    This step by step guide will show you how to easily install the wire end vise cover.

    1 – Measure the amount of wire required to allow for restraining, using your straining tool as a guide.
    use straining tool to estimate length of wire required - wire end vice covers

    2 – Trim the wire to desired length.  This is usually between 10 and 15cm. As a guide the wire when bent should nearly reach the nearest other wire end vise, immediately above or below.cutting the wire - wire end vice covers

    3 – Then carefully fold each wire back up against the post as gently and neatly as possible.  Please be careful, high tensile wire will snap if bent sharply.  Use your hand and not a hammer.gently ned the wire flat to post - wire end vice covers

    4 – Consider tidying the wire further by stapling the wire to the post.  Nail a staple over the wires between the vises.  This step is only usually required if using narrow round posts (less than 200mm) or if the vises are not square, in a straight vertical line or otherwise a bit messy.

    hammer in a staple to tidy wire- wire end vice covers

    5 – Drill in four stainless screws for each pair of vises to attach the wire end vice cover to the post.  Screws should be between 10mm and 20mm long.  Note: Galvanized screws of this length are not often recommended as the thread tends to be to narrow for the coating to be effective.all finished - wire end vice covers

    Note that on gate posts it is often required to install the cover over each pair of vises separately.  This is needed to allow for gate hardware to be attached to the post.  In that instance cut the the covers into 150mm lengths with a knife, pair of snips or hacksaw.  Generally though the cover will be used in one piece on the straining post to cover all of the vises on that post.

    For information on the range of covers available and their use see  article on wire end vise covers for sale.

    If you have any more questions on how to cover wire end vise please contact us.


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